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Hey guys, it’s Zoey. I don’t do too many text posts, but I’m going to university tomorrow and I thought this was important. I’ve been supporting Mackenzie since I was in 9th grade, and I know I’ll be too busy to update as regularly as I’d like. So I’d like to turn my followers’ attentions to blogs that I adore, and ask for you guys to follow them as well.

Each blog here is one that updates regularly to semi-regularly.

There are three blogs I notice on my dash that I thought deserved a special shout out.

KenzieFoys: Katie, you make gorgeous graphics, and you’ve been supporting Mackenzie at least as long as I have. I know we don’t talk, but I admire your blog from afar, and I’m jealous of your photoshop skills. I love how dedicated you are to Mackenzie, and I adore Marvelous Mackenzie!

AmazingKenzieFoy: Julia, you are super sweet, but you know how to put the haters in their places. Your graphics are super creative, and thanks for the ‘Beautiful person award’. I didn’t respond but I definitely saw it and am grateful you think I deserve it. <33 Also, Thanks for putting me on your ‘Favorite Mackenzie Blogs’! It means a lot.

LittleMissFoy: Cherry, I know you may not have had a tumblr dedicated to Mackenzie for as long as some, but you love her probably more than anyone else! Your appreciation and love for Mackenzie makes me smile, and I love that you’re always thinking of new ways to support Kenzie.

Other blogs to follow:

MackenzieFoyOnline // OhMackenzies // NessieCarlieCullen

12 of pictures of Mackenzie Foy

Mackenzie Foy in Colors

I can’t believe you’re making me do this. Just smile.

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